Veronica Leigh monologue; EDITED VERSION)Theme: STOP THE ABUSE!

Titled: Woman with an issue. This monologue highlights the different types of abuse that one may face in life. Mental, Emotional, Physical, Sexual and Financial. Veronica Leigh plays two parts in this monologue. The male and the female.  

Written and directed by Veronica Leigh

Copyright2015@ VeronicaLeigh 



This monologue is about highlighting the different types of abuse one my have experienced at some point of their lives and the effects that abuse can have on an individual, whether they are the victim or the abuser. This monologue highlights biblical principals from the Holy Bible.

Fist the male characters name, as a young boy learnt his very behaviour from his very abusive father, who abused  his mother, himself and sexual abused his little sister. Fist is now a grown married man and also a man of faith. Behind closed doors Fist abused his very successful wife emotionally, verbally, sexual, physically and financially. He also commits incest with his young daughter. He is a very angry, rage fully, confused and dangerous man. Fist believes that all women are weak and should serve him as he desires. His wife was a very strong woman and also a woman of faith becomes fearfully, timid, suicidal with very poor health. Through her desperation finds strength in her God and receives her healing in her mind, body and soul.

Titled: "Woman with an issue"


Monologue Reviews
I would like to say a BIG MASSIVE X 100 !! Thank you to all of you who came out to support MD MP ministries on the 25th April. What an evening! My God is an awesome God. Veronica Leigh
The play was very well performed. Theme was shocking, disturbing etc! Those things went on in the early 60s and is still going on! The singing was beautiful! Well done for bringing these things to light. Contents was very strong. Marva from Nottingham
Wow! This is so moving would like to hear the end. Moved to tears! Would encourage you to write a book if you haven't already! Lallieth Wade Nottingham
Well done sis, it was a fantastic night very inspiring it was a real eye opener especially to people who have and still faces some of these issues, you are a very talented, courageous, and honest woman of God and I know that your message has been received you were great from jackie Nottingham
God blees you and urs. It was truly amazing, what u did last night. Did known what to expect but was blown away. It needs to be broad cast on radio fe real; yeh all good, supporting the "ting" anytime. Bless
It was an awesome night, very thought provoking and a realistic potrayal of the four categories of abuse faced by people, but mostly women every day. Well done Sis V. Lioness xxx - Glenda N. from Nottingham
Hi Pastor V, thank you for inviting us. We had a blessed time, it was a well organised event you are truly gifted from God with singing/song writing / multiple acting skills. We loved the Lioness track and the drama, watch out Tyler Perry there's a new star in town. Blessings to you and family smile emoticon xxx Lady Rach Nottingham.
The md mp conference was deep and sent a big message out there to people, it's very in line with what really happens and an eye opener. But pastor Veronica played an awesome part and it was very realistic. I just hope it sends a big message out there to others. That Jesus paid the price for us and is willing to take any level of hurt and pain away from us and making us whole again. This ending was beautiful and people need to be set free from all there pain. Limarra Raymond Nottingham
Wow mum that is a really great fantastic performance. Tanya Clayton Nottingham