MD MP Transparent – “Woman with an Issue” Seminar


Throughout the bible, the heroes of faith are presented as men subjected to very desires as we are, with strengths and weakness. For example. Abraham a friend of God but also a liar who put his wife’s life in danger. The apostle Paul shared freely about his past and his sense of unworthiness. (1 Corinthians 15 v 9: Ephesians 3 v 8: 1 Timothy 1 v 15) Paul was not afraid to allow others to see him as he was. There is a, what you see, is what you get about the characters in the bible. 

Take Jesus for example

In Matt. 26:38-39, Jesus gave us an excellent example of acknowledging His feelings when He said, "Remove this cup from Me." This was Jesus' honest request crying out not to go through with the crucifixion. Jesus knew that He was facing not only the pain of crucifixion but also the trauma of taking on the sins of the world (upon His sinless self) and being separated from the Father. At the same time, Jesus did not deny the Father. He said, "Thy will be done ..." (Matt. 26:42).

Foundation: Transparency with God: 

There are some people who say  "I-Must-Always-Be-Strong" so much that nothing can go out and nothing can come in. It becomes impossible for them to "connect" and build a close relationship with others and especially God.No one really likes wearing a mask. We need a relationship with someone with whom there is nothing to hide. The Samaritan woman, who met Jesus at the well, I believe found relief in the light of being found out … that she had had five husbands and  the man she now has is not her husband.

I believe that transparency with God is the foundation for inter-personal transparency. If we cannot tell God what is on our minds and hearts then how can we do the same with another human being. God knows all about us and yet accepts us just as we are (Rom. 5:8).

Too many men and women, boys and girl, christian or not are hurting behind closed doors and feel as though they have no voice to speak out against abuse because of fear. It is time to expose and shame the devil and his plans.  Now it's time to speak out and  receive your healing, deliverances and supernatural breakthroughs only in the name of Jesus. God has given me the GRACE to minister a very prophetic soul searching message regarding every type of abuse by the means  of a monologue. Titled: 'Woman with an issue'. 

The monologue is not suitable for children under the age of 16 because of its nature. There are some very explicit scenes and would be rated as 'adults only'



My Destiny My Purpose Gospel Reggae Album

My Destiny My Purpose LP Cover
My Destiny My Purpose LP Cover


Veronica Leigh New comer, Gospel Artist  has released her brand new album. The album was released  on the 1st March 2014 and is called ‘My Destiny, My Purpose’

I have come forth with an album of different styles and flavours with R&B, Raga, lovers rock and soul grooves that are reminiscent from my heart. The new album was developed from most of  my personal experiences in life beginning from childhood to adult life and marriage.I hope and pray hopes that  my music, especially the words will bring deliverance, restoration and healing to all those who have been or experiencing hurt and pain in any way shape or form. I also want to be apart of the sharing  the gospel of Jesus Christ to a hurting world by utilising my gifting in the arts as the Holy Spirit leads me. 

I believe ‘My destiny, My Purpose” (MD MP)  will delight and astound the gospel music community in the city where I lives and all over the world.